Fungal diseases are frequently occurred due to fungi that are widespread in the environment. Most fungi are not hazardous, although various types can be harmful to health. Mild fungal skin diseases can appear like a rash and are very common. Fungal disorders in the lungs are frequently common to another disease such as the flu or tuberculosis. Some fungal illness like fungal meningitis and bloodstream infections are less common than skin and lung infections but can be deadly. However, the fungal infections can be treated with the help of a medication called as Itraconazole.

Itraconazole is the best and effective medication can be used for the treatment of several kinds of fungal infections. It is used to treat fungal infections in the lungs that can spread throughout the body, fingernails, toenails, and yeast infections of the mouth and throat or of the esophagus. candida and malassezia Generic Itraconazole is an orally used medication has a place in the category of medication called as triazoles antifungals. Generic Itraconazole interacts with 14-α demethylase, a cytochrome P-450 enzyme, inhibition of its synthesis consequences in enhanced cellular permeability causing leakage of cellular contents. This medication may also stop endogenous respiration, blocks the transformation of yeasts to mycelial forms, and impair triglyceride and/or phospholipids biosynthesis.

The dosing regimen of Itraconazole:

The normally used dose of this medication is 100 mg and 200 mg prepared as a solid dosage form. One should take the medication orally with the help of a full glass of water. The dose of this medication and duration of administration differs and depends on the condition of patients, therefore, consult the doctor before deciding the dose. In case you are taking the medication for fungal infections in the lungs, the capsules are usually taken during or right after a full meal one or two times a day for at least 3 months. You must not use the medication more than advised dose as it can cause an overdose of this medication.

Possible side effects:

The use of this medication perhaps show some unwanted effects such as Diarrhea, dizziness; gas, headache, nausea, coughing up white or pink mucus, dark urine, runny nose, stomach pain or upset, vomiting, bloating, chest pain, confusion, decreased sexual ability, depression, fast or irregular heartbeat, fever, chills, or sore throat, and hair loss.

Warning and precautions related to Itraconazole:

  • An individual should not use Itraconazole if sensitive to any constituent in the medication or suffer from severe medical conditions like irregular heartbeat or other heart problems, low stomach acid, lung or breathing problems.
  • You should not use the medication along with alcohol as it may enhance the drowsiness and dizziness of the medication and if you feel any side effects like pale stools, a swollen or tender stomach you should immediately consult the doctor.
  • You have to take the medication for full course of treatment or if you do not, the medicine may not clear up your infection completely.
  • In the case of pregnancy and lactation, the effect of this medication is not clearly known thus consult the doctor in the same condition before ingestion.

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